That repository does no longer serve packages for Debian 7. But they have a repo for Ubuntu 14.04 specifically, so you should use that instead of any Debian version anyway. Referring to the installation instructions here, to fix your issue, the simplest way is: Find the list file where this "bareos" repository is configured.

Kwheezy is a Debian based operating system designed for general purpose desktop computing. Not so much a distribution based on Debian, but rather "a well configured Debian KDE installer". It is designed to give you more out-of-the-box. To be easier for Deutsch (Österreich) Linux or Debian newcomers. It is full-featured, with all the So, today we will setup a central local repository in our Debian server, so that the clients can install, update and upgrade the packages from the central repository without using internet. I tested this article in Debian 8, although it might work on other Debian/Ubuntu versions and it’s Debian derivatives. Feb 15, 2017 · Dotdeb is an extra repository providing up-to-date packages (such as PHP 7 and more) for your Debian servers. It supports both Debian 8.x “Jessie” and Debian 7.x “Wheezy”. Configuration for Debian 8.x “Jessie” Append the following two lines to /etc/apt/sources.list as root user:: $ sudo -s Daftar mirror repository lokal Debian 7 (Wheezy) di Indonesia Berikut daftar mirror lokal Debian Wheezy. semoga mempercepat instalasi paket2 anda :) repo kambing UI To get it to work properly, after using the "add-apt-repository ppa:some/ppa" command, you need to edit the PPA source file which is located under the /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ folder, and replace your Debian version (for instance "wheezy") with an Ubuntu version - I recommend using a LTS version such as "trusty" or "precise" because non-LTS This guide works for Debian Sid, Debian Wheezy, Debian Squeeze and Debian Jessie (testing). How to install the Debian Multimedia Repository on Debian: 1. Add the repository: First, go to this site and locate a good mirror for you. Choose one from your country, or, if not available, from a country near you.

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To install MongoDB Community on your Debian system, these instructions will use the official mongodb-org package, which is maintained and supported by MongoDB Inc. The official mongodb-org package always contains the latest version of MongoDB, and is available from its own dedicated repo.

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