Nov 06, 2009

6.13 Exam Questions Flashcards | Quizlet You work in an office that uses Linux and Windows servers. The network uses the IP protocol. You are sitting at a Windows workstation and an application you are using is unable to connect to a Windows server named File Srv2. How to use ping, fping, and gping for various purpose in Linux Jan 19, 2020

Quick Answer: How To Stop Ping In Linux? - OS Today

bash - Continuous ping loop in script - Unix & Linux Stack if [ "$(ping -c 1 -w 3" ]; then do stuff; else echo "no connection" fi Some of them run other ones and because ping takes some time, running scripts takes more time than it should which is a problem in some cases. I would like to make some kind of continuous loop which writes 0 or 1 to some file. Linux and Unix ping command tutorial with examples

Ping with timestamp and log - Networking - Spiceworks

Feb 14, 2020