Nov 10, 2019

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V: The -V (version) option causes sudo to print the version number and exit. If the invoking user is …

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What are the differences between "su", "sudo -s", "sudo -i

5 tricks for using the sudo command in Linux | Network World Nearly effortless sudo usage. The default file on most Linux distributions makes it very simple to … fine grain sudo permission not working - Unix & Linux To expand upon the answer by @ctrl-alt-delor, the sudoers man page mentions the processing rules for the auxiliary rules found in /etc/sudoers.d, under the section Including other files from within sudoers (sudo version 1.9.1). sudo will suspend processing of the current file and read each file in /etc/sudoers.d, skipping file names that end in ‘~’ or contain a ‘.’ character to avoid Linux security hole: Much sudo about nothing | ZDNet