Morocco is technically located in the Maghreb region of North Africa. To the North of Morocco is the Mediterranean Sea and Europe, and to the West is the expanse of the Atlantic Ocean. The country also has a land border with Algeria to the East. The city with the largest population in Morocco is Casablanca, while the capital is Rabat.

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Middle East Morocco's LGBT community faces death threats after online outing. Moroccan women have been urged to pose as men on gay dating apps to expose family members and their sexual identities.

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Morocco (; ; ; ), officially the Kingdom of Morocco, is a country in the Maghreb region of North Africa.Geographically, Morocco is characterized by a rugged mountainous interior and large portions of desert. It is one of only three countries (with Spain and France) to have both Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines.The Arabic name al-Mamlakah al-Maghribiyah (, meaning "The Western Kingdom Morocco - Radio Online Live listen Morocco online and live fm radio, and find popular Morocco music, news and sports online radio stations. Morocco Visa - Complete Guide to Application and Requirements Jun 29, 2020 Moroccan Decor Shop | Online shopping,Moroccan Style Decor May 12, 2019