You need to do a lot more then just configure pppd options; you also need the PPPoE server to handle the ethernet stuff. #!/bin/bash killall pppoe-server MAX=250 INTERFACE=eth0 BASE= # clients get an IP starting here.

A 10-Minute Guide for Using PPP to Connect Linux to the Apr 01, 1997 Linux PPP HOWTO: Process termination The pppd process should be `exec'ed from the script rather than simply executed. If you attempt to simply run the pppd process then it will be the shell which will receive the SIGHUP hangup signal and not the pppd process. The `shell' script should have a format similar to the following: Linux Tutorial - Using PPP and Linux

Establish PPPD connection using linux to communicate with modem When PPP is trying to establish communication with module i get this message on log file: Serial connection established. using channel 6 Using interface ppp0 Connect: ppp0 <--> /dev/ttyO5 sent [

Linux and UNIX Man Pages. pppd(8) [redhat man page] PPPD(8) System Manager's Manual PPPD(8) NAME pppd - Point to Point Protocol daemon SYNOPSIS pppd [ tty_name ] [ speed ] [ options ] DESCRIPTION The Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) provides a method for transmitting datagrams over serial point-to-point links. Linux Systems susceptible to Remote Attacks via A Critical Mar 06, 2020

» GNU Linux – a pretty old vulnerability in ppp(d) was

CVE-2020-8597: Linux system pppd Remote Code Execution Mar 08, 2020 Cleaning Up Your Linux Startup Process - May 09, 2016 Linux pppoe/pppd won't connect to Centurylink fiber I have always used a basic Linux Fedora machine as the router/firewall with the DSL modem in bridging mode. The installer claimed no changes to my router would be needed when he arrived. But when it came time to activate after the install, the Fedora pppd would not connect, even though the credentials didn't change from DSL to fiber. Linux PPP (LCP) FAILS Solutions | Experts Exchange