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Enabling VPN-only access to the Internet with Windows Firewall (kill switch) Windows Firewall could be used for blocking access to the Internet when no active VPN connection is available (kill switch). 1. Run Windows Firewall: Start → Control Panel → Windows Firewall → Advanced settings. 2. Create a rule for allowing connections for OpenVPN:

Beautify the function with dialogs and a "Retry feature" which will be executed only if there's an active connection : function isOnline(user_callback){ /** * Show a warning to the user. * You can retry in the dialog until a internet connection * is active.

Although my internet connection is working fine the Connect To dialog insists that I can't connect to my VPN connections as there isn't an active connection. If I dig down to the actual Control Panel > Network Connections screen I can connect the the required connection without any problems so this is an annoyance rather than a major issue but "this connection requires an active internet connection In vista I am unable to connect to any of my VPN connections because they all have the message "this connection requires an active internet connection", however I do have an active connection and can happily (or not) browse the internet and post question to experts exchange. This connection requires an active Internet Connection This connection requires an active Internet Connection. It won't be complete in any sense. It exists to contain fragments of useful information.for VPN connections, when you can actually surf the web. If you go to the VPN entry in the networking center, you can connect fine. Windows VPN: this connection requires an active internet