Jul 26, 2017 · The UK also has a form of Internet censorship, with many major ISPs blocking websites linked to gambling, pornography, and piracy. It is relatively easy to circumvent an ISP blocking access to

Allow access to all URLs except the ones you deny—Use the denylist to prevent users from visiting certain websites, while allowing them access to the rest of the web. Deny access to all URLs except the ones you allow—Use the denylist to deny access to all URLs. Then, use the allowlist to allow access to a limited list of URLs. Sep 19, 2019 · And blocking sites using this feature is not much useful. Now what to do in this situation? The best solution is to block the whole domain on the Edge browser. Update 19/09/2019 – I have tested this workaround and working flawleslly. How to Block Websites on Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 BT blacklist. In addition to your Personal blacklist - We also analyse calls in the network to determine whether they are nuisance calls. These calls are then added to a BT blacklist, we estimate that this list will significantly reduce the amount of unwanted calls you receive. For simplicity, both blacklists will be turned on by default. Call Aug 17, 2018 · Duffy expressed his concern that BT’s parental controls were blocking the martial arts website on the principle of it featuring LGBT+ content. In response, he was told the issue with the website

BT have blocked lots of websites today and I know it's BT because the sites work perfectly through a proxy. Im using both IE and FireFox and I cannot access some (no not dirty websites they are news, email and video game sites) websites without going through a proxy first. These websites are work

I have a Linksys E2500 wireless router. It seems to be blocking a website (evernote.com). I cannot access this site from any of the computers/ devices in our house, whether they be connected by ethernet or wireless. However, when i move to a different network, I can connect to this site immediately Nov 30, 2018 · Live example of how isp was blocking me to access certain website and how i overcame the block. ISP continue to filter websites as well as online streams that they find not adhering to certain rules.

Hi, I hope you can help. ISP provider is BT, recently switched my router from BT Home hub to Netgear Nighthawk. Generally it works ok but a couple of pieces of kit I had are no longer working and I am now blaming the router. Sonos music system - I cannot hook up my Sonos with Alexa, and after hour

BT and other internet providers have made a commitment to the government to ask all of our customers to decide whether they want BT Parental Controls. BT Parental Controls help keep your children safe online. Once activated, all devices connected to your BT Hub will have content filtered to a restriction level that you set.