Nov 18, 2015 · How to Hide Apps & Folders on Your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch Full Tutorial:

Feb 11, 2014 14 hidden iPhone and iPad tricks: Screenshots, trackpad 14 hidden iPhone and iPad tricks: Screenshots, trackpad, and a document scanner. Whether you have an iPhone SE or an iPad Pro, Apple's iOS 13 is full of lesser-known features like improved How to Show or Hide Hidden Files and Folders in Windows Oct 14, 2019 How to find and remove 'Other' files from iPhone and iPad May 21, 2020

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View hidden files and folders in Windows 10

A folder appears, and you can name it whatever you want. To get rid of the folder, remove all but the last app. For best results, use a folder with plenty of apps in it—ideally, enough that it spans multiple pages. If you want to hide the app from others who use your phone, pick a boring folder full of utilities, rather than a folder full of Mar 26, 2014 · How to completely hide any app or folder on your iPhone or iPad. Latest in Hidden apps Image credit: How to completely hide any app or folder on your iPhone or iPad. Mike Wehner, @MikeWehner. Hide app and folder in iPhone and iPad in iOS 7 or iOS 8 successfully Step 7 : But you can access it by searching it at top search box, this search box will be shown after swipe down your screen. Find and Use Hide app and folder in iPhone and iPad on iOS 7 and iOS 8 Jan 17, 2020 · Control-click the photo, then choose Hide Photo. You can also hide a photo from the menu bar when you choose Image > Hide Photo from the menu bar. Or you can press Command-L to hide a photo. Confirm that you want to hide the photo or video. If you use iCloud Phot os, the photos that you hide on one device are hidden on your other devices too. Jul 10, 2020 · Find the photo or video you want to hide. Tap “Share” in the bottom-left corner. Scroll down and tap “Hide.” The photo is now hidden from view. Everything you hide appears in an album called “Hidden” under the “Albums” tab in the Photos app. Scroll to the bottom of the list, and you’ll see it under “Other Albums.” Jun 10, 2020 · Earlier, we had made a roundup of the best vault apps that let you hide photos and files. So, if you want to offer them a strong shield, give them a shot. Another simple way of keeping some of the unwanted apps out of the way is to put them in a folder.