2. Steps to Set Up Gmail on iPhone. After the setup of IMAP in the Gmail account, you need to use the Gmail on the iPhone then, so next we will show you how to set up Gmail on iPhone quickly and efficiently. Firstly, head to the Home Screen and then hit the settings and you will see an interface like the left below one. Then slide down the page

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6 Fixes Gmail Not Working on my iPhone XR, 11 Pro Max, XS

[Steps- Open Settings App – Tap Cellular or Mobile – scroll down to Mail and make sure toggle On/Green next to the Mail setting]. everything okay, however, Gmail doesn’t work on your iPhone or iPad then go to the next solution in order wise.. Solution #2: Review your recent devices on Gmail. Another way to find the devices that recently logged in with your Gmail account, if to check the Gmail SMTP settings — here is what you need to send emails Oct 05, 2019

How to Add Gmail Contacts to iPhone and Other Tricks

How to Alter E-mail Account Settings on Your iPhone - dummies To stop using an e-mail account: Tap the Settings icon on the Home screen, tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and then tap the account name. Tap the Mail switch to turn off the account. Depending on the account, you might also turn off other settings. For example, in Gmail, you can turn off the Calendars and Notes settings but leave Mail turned on. Can't re-enter my GMail password - Apple Community Aug 25, 2018 How to Set up Gmail on Your iPhone or Android Device Apr 25, 2017 How to Add Gmail Account in iPhone Mail App [2020