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Final Fantasy XIV ARR Crafting Information and Planning Retainer Service | FINAL FANTASY XIV, The Lodestone Your FINAL FANTASY XIV subscription allows you to hire up to two retainers per character without paying any additional fees. Retainer Duties. Storage of items (up to 175 types), elemental shards/crystals/clusters, and gil. Sale of unneeded inventory items on the market. Procurement of items and materials via Ventures. FINAL FANTASY XIV Support Center

FFXIV Leveling & Farming - What Types Services are Available? For Disciples of War and/or Magic, Power Leveling from 1-70 can take 3-5 days, 30-70 for 3-4 days, 50-70 for 2-4 days, and 60-70 for 2 days or less. Other than Battle Classes, Power Levelers also do Disciples of Land, and can even power-level from 1 …

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Final Fantasy XI US Power Leveling & Boosting Services