All VPNs establish an encrypted tunnel over your existing Internet connection, which means the main factor that determines the speed of your VPN connection is the base speed of your Internet connection. Other factors that might limit VPN speeds include: The speed of the connection from your Internet service provider. Generally speaking, the

Jan 20, 2020 Four Ways to Increase Your VPN Speed | VPNpro Dec 04, 2019 9 Ways to Increase Your VPN Speed - Fastest VPN Guide Besides changing your VPN protocol entirely, you can also change settings within each. Doing so can also yield a noticeable speed increase. Some public networks (and even some private connections) restrict VPN traffic to reduce potential abuse. Those networks may also suffer from instability caused by certain client settings. How to Improve VPN Speed in 2019 - Web Safety Tips

If your physical Internet connection is limited to e.g. 768 kBit/s, then your VPN speed can't be any faster. Sometimes technical problems might force your VPN speed to slow down, e.g. a server breaks down, the CyberGhost service is having technical difficulties or the service needs to be worked upon. We apologize for any inconvenience!

A VPN mask your IP address from malicious attacks by applying strong encryption to your data and decode it at their servers. As good as it sounds, this process takes additional time and information that can affect the speed of your internet connection.According to US Government Top Secret communication, using 256-bit encryption is enough to secure secret information.

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Oct 12, 2016 How to increase the VPN BANDWIDTH ? - Cisco Community Hello, Is it possible to increase the bandwidth of a VPN connection ? When I connect my home network without VPN , is is very fast , when I switch on VPN the speed decrease dramatically , even if I have now a AIM / VPN module in my CISCO 1841 ROUTER.