Aug 31, 2015 · These instructions are intended for installing Git on Fedora 22. I’ll be working from a Liquid Web Self Managed Fedora 22 server, and I’ll be logged in as root. If you’re using CentOS 7, then refer to this tutorial on installing git on CentOS 7. Installation

Jul 08, 2015 · A new Fedora 22 server has no active firewall application. In this step, we’ll learn how to enable the IPTables firewall application and make sure that runtime rules persist after a reboot. The IPTables package is already installed, but to be enable to enable it, you need to install the iptables-services package. May 26, 2015 · Fedora 22 Workstation is the latest release of fedora, Bulit in with GNOME 3.16 as main desktop environment. Fedora 22 Workstation Screenshot : http://linuxs Fedora 22 KDE Plasma Plasma 5, the successor to KDE Plasma 4, is now the default workspace in the Fedora KDE spin. It has a new theme called Breeze, which has cleaner visuals and better readability, improves certain work-flows and provides overall more consistent and polished interface. Jan 16, 2016 · How to upgrade to Fedora 23 from Fedora 22 using DNF. Fedora 23 has been released on 03-11-2015, you may now looking upgrade option for Fedora 22. This guide will help you to upgrade Fedora 22 Server/Workstation/Cloud to Fedora 23 Server/Workstation/Cloud. What are Spins? The default desktop environment of Fedora is GNOME, but if you prefer an alternative desktop environment such as KDE Plasma Desktop or Xfce, you can download a spin for your preferred desktop environment and use that to install Fedora, pre-configured for the desktop environment of your choice. Fedora 22 was released a few days back with a variety of new features introduced in it. Fedora 22 is reliable, fast, powerful & a user friendly operating system. It is now subdivided into 3 new flavors: i. Fedora Workstation Suitable for students, professionals & developers. ii. Fedora Server For server deployments with best & latest datacenter

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Release Notes - Fedora Project This document provides the release notes for Fedora 22. It describes major changes offered as compared to Fedora 21. For a detailed listing of all changes, refer to the Fedora Technical Notes. This is an iframe, to view it upgrade your browser or enable iframe display. How to Configure TigerVNC Server on Fedora 22 Installing Mate/Xfce/Gnome/LXDE. If we have a minimal edition of Fedora 22 installed in our …

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May 26, 2015 Stories about Fedora 22 - softpedia Korora 22 Linux Officially Released Based on Fedora 22, Drops Support for Adobe Flash The distribution includes the KDE Plasma 5, GNOME 3.16, Cinnamon 2.6, MATE 1.10, and Xfce 4.12 editions Linux Fedora 22: not obvious excellence - Linux notes from DarkDuck Jul 07, 2015