So I post am ad saying I'm looking for CD. It gets flagged with no explanation at all. Yet I see all these ads in activities, missed connections and general that don't get flagged. We all know what everybody is looking for. So why are my posts getting flagged but not theirs. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

Craigslist why your personal ad flagged and deleted.? For the most part your competition can flag you. If not, you will be flag by the mechanism provided by Craigslist anti spam filters. Not that the Lomonacos are considering a third dog, but if I were looking for a pet on Craigslist, my process would be more like: Sit down, make a list of deal-breakers (size, age, sex, good with So if you live in Los Angeles you can not post in Craigslist Miami. Well you can but it is not recommended. Usually posters on Craigslist like that are banned or their posts are flagged. Your ip can get banned for few days or permanently if you are repeatedly breaking their rules. Feb 23, 2016 · Hello. Whenever we go to Craigslist, it does not display correctly. I think the link below will show you a screenshot of what it does. I have tried this on Firefox, Chrome, IE and Opera, so it is

Aug 30, 2019 · But fear not! Below, we have compiled all the information about the problem, and several solutions that can help you to avoid it when posting an advert. Why does my craigslist ad keep getting flagged? To better avoid craigslist flagging, it is important to understand why your post can be selected for removal.

Craigslist tools have the capability to track it and your ads can get flagged. Verifying on a local number: Verifying your account on a non-local number, can get your ads flagged. All your ads can get flagged for removal based on this mistake. Come up with unique conversions: The fate of your ad is based on its title. Can anyone tell me why I keep getting immediately flagged when I post wanting to get acquainted with other Christian guys into fitness? do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers post id: 7154437455 Apr 29, 2011 · Craigslist Does Not Care, They will not respond, There are a few trolls in each area and they have no life. They think its their duty to police the posts. I do repairs on amps and get flagged as soon as I post. Yes you can go to other ad post But Craigslist Has Killed All Other Forms of places to place ads that get attention. Dec 08, 2008 · Craigslist has made it possible for ads to get “flagged” or removed from their site by people who view the site. People like you and me. The problem is that CL’s reasons to flag are vauge. Therefore many ads get flagged y people that perhaps should not have been flagged. Here’s an ad I placed on CL to explain this…

Why do my clean post not asking for anything specific get flagged and deleted? While others clearly asking for specific detailed things don’t? I don’t get it! Btw, I have had over 15 guys respond to this and one female. Guess if your a guy wanting to make a connection to talk or otherwise with a female only, this is no longer the place to

How to flag a Craigslist ad to remove it Craigslist flagging tool free: Flagging on Craigslist is a popular way to rate any advertisement or classified. Here we will discuss on the best way for Find out Who Flagged My Craigslist. It falls under two categories. If any person discovers humorous advertisement, he can flag it as “Best of Craigslist".