Dec 11, 2013 · Google Chromecast, the set-top box without the box, got a little holiday cheer from Vevo, Songza, and RealNetworks, all of which announced Chromecast support.. Music-lovers in the U.S. tired of looking for music videos on MTV can now cast them to their televisions using the updated Vevo iOS or Android app, or by using the Chrome browser on a computer.

Apr 07, 2020 · Just turn your Chromecast to Guest Mode in the device settings, and anyone with the Cast-enabled app can cast once the option shows up on their device (if they're within 25 feet of the Chromecast). Jan 02, 2020 · Miss the days when MTV and VH1 showed music videos on your TV? Roku is bringing that feeling back as part of a partnership with Vevo to offer curated music video channels. These new music channels include Vevo Country, Vevo Classic Rock, Vevo Pop, and Vevo EDM. .@Vevo just launched the first music stations curated specifically … Dec 10, 2013 · Chromecast will get new apps Tuesday, including Plex, RealPlayer Cloud and Vevo, according to a report.. Chrome was rumored to be getting more apps and app support, and it's looking like that's Cast to TV o Chromecast o cualquier otro protocolo receptor como Amazon Fire Stick, KODI, Shield, Fire TV, smart TV o cualquier otro dispositivo DLNA. Envíe (envíe) videos, música o fotos desde su teléfono y tarjeta SD. Quick Cast te ayuda a emitir videos tan simple como un clic para ver la televisión, donde la transmisión se convierte en algo admirablemente fácil. Elija entre un

Feb 04, 2014 · Google's streaming stick has been an instant hit and although it was rather limited at launch, the Chromecast has steadily improved, adding Hulu Plus, Pandora, Google Music, Plex, Vevo, and HBO Go

The Chromecast Ultra is the upgraded version of Google Chromecast. This version comes with all the features you can find in Google Chromecast, however, it does come with a little extra. With the Chromecast Ultra , you can stream 4K content which means clearer and better pictures. Nov 22, 2014 · The Chromecast doesn't have any kind of on-screen menu system, or even a remote. YouTube, Crackle, Rdio, Google Play, Songza, Plex, Viki, Vevo, PostTV, RealPlayer Cloud, PostTV, and more. And Apr 10, 2014 · (The Chromecast was designed for the experience of streaming TV and movies, after all.) Notably, Google Play Music offers 320kpbs streaming over a solid connection. Vevo: Since Vevo has a

SMPlayer 17.1 features experimental support for Chromecast.Now you can send videos from SMPlayer to your Chromecast device, including local files from your computer and online streams such as TV channels or videos from sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Vevo and many more.

And some of the supported music streaming services include Spotify, Tidal, Pandora, Youtube Music, Google Play music, Vevo, Tunein, Soundcloud, Deezer. You can purchase the Chromecast from your local store or online via Amazon for $35 for the base model. Nov 28, 2014 · You control Chromecast entirely with your phone or tablet, using it to play/pause and typing on its keyboard to browse, search and enter any necessary login info. Crackle, Vevo, and Showtime The Chrome browser tab-casting feature is still in beta on all but a few Chromecast optimized Web sites as of January 2014. It doesn't work yet from smartphone Chrome browsers and requires a fast computer on a fast WiFi network with a strong connection to function properly.